Bruno Billio's studio in the Gladstone Hotel

There is artist-in-residence programme on the second floor of the Gladstone Hotel. Current artists are Bruno Billio in 209 and Allyson Mitchell in 207. I remember seeing Bruno Billio's work from last TAFFI (2004), the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International taken place in both Drake and the Gladstone Hotel. Located then in the same suite 209 in the Gladstone Hotel, Bruno's installation was raw, the atmosphere and visual impact simple and powerful. The constant flux of wind pushing open the curtains, the books piling all the way up to the ceiling...all these are tamed and "blended in" today under the same artist's domesticity of the space. He has transformed the place into a loving, warm living quarter with personal and found objects, light and sound. Born in Toronto, Bruno is known for his stacked sculptures and string installations. He has worked and exhibited in Milan, London, Miami, New york and Los Angeles.

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