Sunil Gupta at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography

On view through April 23 at CMCP is a solo exhibition by Sunil Gupta. The show comprises two series: Social Security and Homelands. Sunil Gupta was born in India and immigrated to Canada with his family at the end of the 60s. Currently living in London, UK, Sunil Gupta is an internationally acclaimed artist. The series Social Security (1988) uses family photos and the words from Sunil's mother to account the depressing experience of first-generation immigrants. The work was dedicated to the memory of his father who found dead on a street in Montreal in 1986. Homelands, a series he made between 2001-2003, are colour diptychs juxtaposing places he has called home: India, Canada, the United States and England. In his statement, the artist said,"What I wanted to achieve was a sense of the landscape of these different worlds. This was the landscape that the HIV virus was travelling in." As a well-assimilated immigrate, an artist and a gay man, Sunil Gupta's diptychs carry layers of intricate, disturbing readings beyond their calm and ordinary surface.

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