Breakfast with art

After a few wet, rainy, still-snowy days Spring is returning and showing her face again. Birds start to sing and people start to jog. This week Our B&B is filled with guests who are either artists or working in the art-related fields. There is the technical team from Quebec, Mathieu, Lionel and Pierre who work on the dance production Radiant - a new work by Toronto-based artist Holly Small. Another couple, Karen and Paul arrived yesterday. Karen works in sculpture and Paul in photography. Both of them are very exciting to stay in our place. This morning all the guests were having breakfast in the gallery, where Marcelo Suaznabar’s new exhibition has just been mounted. Paul mentioned that he met the Hong Kong artist Leung Chi-Wo during his artist residency in Banff. We told him this is exactly the same artist we are going to show in May, in the Annual CONTACT Photo Festival. What a small art world.

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