The Lake on the Mountain

I don't have any clue as to how I would associate Bing Lee's assumed drawing of a "lake" to specifically the Lake on the Mountain, which is situated at the Provincial Park at Glenora, a two-and-a-half hours northeast of Toronto.

In the graphite drawing, looking out from the cloud-shaped window is the lake. Two moon crescents fall one by one into its bosom. Perhaps it is the enigmatic aspects about Bing's lake and the Lake on the Mountain that create my connection. The Lake on the Mountain was once a sacred native site, named by the Mohawks "Onokenoga" - Lake of the Gods. Three sisters - Corn, Squash and Beans lived in the depths of its water.

What really makes this lake famous is another curious phenomenon. Lake on the Mountain is 60 metres above Lake Ontario, which is one of the five Great Lakes in North America. A lake overlooking another lake, Lake on the Mountain was thought to be fathomless until recently. It has a constant flow of clean, fresh water with no apparent source. Some visitors have spotted sunfish swimming in the water.

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