Tomio Nitto's Camera Shop

What started as mere fun could have some serious consequence.

Tomio enjoys drawing cameras so much that he has decided to open his camera shop - drawing cameras on paper and make them into buttons. Already people are lining up to order a portrait of their favourite cameras. Pretty soon, Tomio, who has not used a camera for many years, will become a camera expert. Voigtlander, Hasselblad, Leica, Alpa, Holga, Holgaroid, SWC, M3, SX-70, Diana, Brownie, Minox. In the last SUNDAY BAZAAR, he even did a portrait of Bolex, a movie camera that Lee Ka-sing inherited from his father.

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  1. How can see that portrait please? Mr. Nitto would make an exceptional photographer as he is one of the better models in town. I often try to take his photo which is always a meaningful experience.
    Jim Allen