Sir, can I rent that brain?

Avatar is certainly a motion picture for people who love fantasticals than people who want a good story. I went to see Avatar for the thrills that I can never get watching from my old tv set at home. And indeed I got what I wanted. James Cameron's wait was right. He got what he wanted. With such a cosmic team under his wizardry ship, he has fooled our heads and minds beautifully. And we are just too willing to believe. I honestly share the same feeling with my daughter - we wish to stay in Pandora!

Oh maybe it could happen too. Sir, can I rent that brain? To escape for a while, or eternally. To fly with the Great Leonoptyrex, to lay to rest in that bioluminescent world, to be in the year of 2154. To become another Avatar and utters in Na'vi, "I see you".

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