Daniela Grogg stayed in our b&b last August and at that time she told me she had been writing in her journey. She posted her journals in her blog. The trip started from June to September, from Atlanta of the United States to Canada, and back to New York in the United States. She traveled through more than twenty different States. While in Toronto, I remembered talking to her about less and less people sending written postcards these days when traveling. She got some postcards from us and promised to write. Of course I forgot the whole conversation.

But I was surprised to receive her letter last November. The letter included two postcards: a postcard by Ngan Chun-tung she got from us; another postcard of the Alpine landscape of Greina in Switzerland, which is her home country. On the back of the Greina Plateau postcard she wrote us a letter about her journey that ended in Spain in October, and that she was now busy putting together the traveling pictures. On the back of Ngan's postcard, she wrote down a poem she came across. It was "The Traveler" by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado (1875-1939).

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