Double 6 - 2: A dialogue does not end

When P. Elaine Sharpe learned about the Double 6 exhibition, she suggested to begin a dialogue with Evergon. The dialogue took almost six months and still continues. This results in large scale photographs from both artists. All photographs seem vague and subtle except one - the image of "balance", which is both astounding and heartbreakingly beautiful. If only we knew about the process the artists have undergone to create this intriguing dialogue, we would have been more amazed and appreciative of its honesty. In the prelude of the collaboration P. Elaine wrote, "A dialogue begins without a particular logic and suspends itself in potential exchanges, intersections, transistions in language. What is hanging on the wall represents a non linear ex-change between P. Elaine Sharpe and Evergon, a genome of an idea that has evolved into a free form visual narrative between two old friends who are intimately familiar with each other's work."

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