This headache has been hanging around in me for several days. I just have a little bit of time to lie down and close my eyes. Joni's music happened to fill the room. It was Down To You. The song has been long disappearing from my head. I got up, tried to find the book Joni Mitchell The Complete Poems and Lyrics, a book I bought in 1997 and is squeezed on the shelf between other books - still quite untouched.

It all comes back to me. My love for Joni's music, her beautiful poems, my younger days, hers. Her beautiful, youthful voice in the 70's and 80's. It would be wonderful if Joni could know her large followers in Asia...in Hong Kong, who loved and influenced by her music and poems in as early as thirty years ago.

Joni is always beautiful in my eyes. The cover picture of The Complete Poems and Lyrics was taken by Herb Ritts, an American photographer. I used to know the names of so many fashion photographers in the 80's and 90's and Herb Ritts was one among my favorites.

Joni's music didn't exist in the room coincidentally. Ah Fai, my friend, digitized some of her songs into MP3 and gave them to Lee Ka-sing. Ka-sing played it. Just like long time ago he played Erik Satie while I was asleep, but half awake. The music was also recorded by Ah Fai, but then in the format of audio tape. It was a long 28 years ago.

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