The Bread

She just got out of the shower when she smelled the bread - her usual masterpiece after practicing for more than three years with the bread machine. A machine she had done some good research on, which proved to be worthy after making several hundred breads. She had to replace the paddle and the bread pan once and at some point the lid was also broken. She needs to remember to be careful with the lid because it came off once and almost fell on the floor. The bread this time is an Italian herb bread, with milk, olive oil, parsley, basil, marjoram and thyme. She has gathered her skill these days in using herbs and spices, feeding her family with aloo gobi and saag panir. The aloo gobi dish, which is cauliflower with potatoes, was an instant success when she first tried it. But saag panir, spinach with cottage cheese was a disaster. The cottage cheese she got from the supermarket broke down and partly melted during cooking. The dish was also a bit sour. Now she knows, she would look for panir, a more compact cheese, which will stay intact when pan fried.

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  1. holly, good to see your column again - it has been a while. welcome back. please keep writing/giving. -m