Endurance of Winter 忍冬

Met a snowstorm when driving back to town from Woodbine Avenue. I said this blasting snow flakes fell oh so silently. Ginger said not calm at all, it's just because we're watching it protected under a bridge, saved from greater perils. All along we followed the procession to the crematorium, surrounded by graveyards, most of them reddish brown tombstones, engraved with unmatching, tastelessness inscriptions and patterns. They looked honestly ugly and unpleasant. I wouldn't want to lie here. On the way back Ginger asked if I still wanted to be a tree. She wanted to be a diamond. Fai is now in paradise. He has the best hair cut, dressed in a pink-based yellow stripes shirt, black leather tie, sienna suit jacket - a typical "Workshop" style as in his youthful days. Because it was impolite to photograph, I looked at him for several instances, and saved you this final impression of our dear friend.

從忍冬大道回到市區的傍晚又遇風雪。我説這綿綿密密的雪花多靜靜地下落來,思菱説那裏靜呢,只不過我們在天橋底的庇護下看它,就小了許多風險。我 們一直跟著隊伍進入火化場 ,環顧四週都是墳地,那些佔大多數,赤竭色的墓碑,刻上了不相稱,又不美觀的碑文和圖案,是顕得越發醜陋、難看的了。我才不會趟在這裡呢。一路上,思菱問 我要不要做一顆樹,她想做鑽石。阿輝已經在樂園了。他梳戴整齊,粉紅底間黃條子的恤衫,黒皮領呔,中啡色西裝,不失當年 Workshop 本色。因為影相不禮貎,我是特別多看了幾眼,給你留個最後的印象。

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